Stop Wage Garnishments, Remove Levies and Liens and Even ‘Unfreeze’ Your Bank Account if It’s Been Less Than 21 Days

There are programs to solve all of your tax problems, but the Government tries to hide them from you!​ – “You Must Act Quickly!”

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Why Shouldn’t You and Your Family Benefit from Tax Programs
That Your Government Created to Protect You?

Do you, or someone you know, have big problems due to unfiled tax returns or unpaid back taxes?

Maybe it’s from years of unpaid back income taxes, payroll taxes, or you may have received a gift or inherited an estate and can’t afford to pay the taxes on it.

If you’re a business owner, maybe you ended up behind on your taxes because you were trying to feed your family and couldn’t make ends meet while setting aside money for taxes too. Even some corporations face hard times and have gotten into hot water with their taxes.

No doubt you want to pay it but you just can’t.  Tax agents are probably “breathing down your neck”, and it seems there’s nothing you can do to get them off your back. Have they’ve “repoed” your vehicles, put a lien on the family home, filed embarrassing public tax lien notices or put a freeze on your bank account(s)? Soon, they’ll be garnishing your wages and leaving you with next to nothing to live on, if they haven’t already.

Hi, my name is Wes Edwards, owner of Accelerated Tax Solutions, and I hear this all the time. But I’m guessing you’re wondering… ‘Is the information above really true, or is it just a lot of hype? Are there really tax programs out there to help me get out from under the stifling pressure of tax problems and back tax issues? Can liens, levies and garnishments really be stopped?

I understand, because I’d probably be asking the same thing if I were you. Keep reading and I’ll show you why it’s possible and how!

There are various programs that can help you with all your tax problems. Some tailored to your circumstances which is what empowers us to help you. We didn’t create them; the law making bodies of the federal government created them for citizens who can’t find another way out.

However, the tax department of the government doesn’t want them to become widely known or used. Have you ever heard them talking about them or publicizing them? I didn’t think so. 

We can help, below are a few people we have helped who felt the same way you do.

Our Satisfied Customers

"The Person is More Important than the Money. I am very thankful for A.T.S. For helping with my tax burden.It was a big relief for me.I will recommend A.T.S. to anyone A.T.S. Is more concerned for the person as to the money. Thanks A.T.S"
Gerald C. Weatherford Tx.
"Thanks for the Refund! Accelerated tax solutions is a great company. They worked hard… and kept in touch with every move they made. They answered all questions my wife and I had. The Accelerated Tax Solutions got us a refund of $10,000… We were not expecting such a large amount. Thanks again to everyone that was involved in our case at Accelerated Tax Solutions."
Richard Johnson
"Do Not Take on your Taxes Alone! ATS Inc. represented me with my taxes and got a handle on my outstanding balance… They stopped the harassing letters… ATS Inc. was highly professional and I would recommend this company to anyone having tax problems. I learned a lesson from ATS, you cannot take on tax problems alone."
Michael A.

Do you feel trapped?

The government prefers that you keep handing them 200% of your take home pay until the day you die. It’s their job; it’s all in a day’s work for them. When they go home they’re not thinking about you and your problems, they’re concerned about what their boss thinks of them and of how to get their next promotion, and that means doing their job really well which ends up coming out of your pocket.

You can pour out your heart to the tax agents when they call, or worse yet, when they pay you a visit – and they will. You can explain how you and/or your wife have lost your job(s), or how illness has taken its toll, that the stock market crashed, that the value of your home has taken a nosedive, how your kids need a place to live, food and clothing; you can go on and on about your desire and best intentions to pay them and about your honesty.

But no matter what, the bottom line is, they’re trained to ignore your pleas, maybe even to view them as just excuses and to press on to get what they want, in spite of everything you just said. It’s like talking to a wall! It can make you want to tear your hair out!

You and your family should take advantage of the tax programs that your government created to get you and your family relief from your back tax issues; to try and find a way to put this tax nightmare to an end once and for all.

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