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I just wanted to write this to thank you for helping me get my tax situation straightened out. I have been divorced since 2002 and with everything that is involved in that and with getting in over my head with being the only income I had not filed my taxes for several years both state and federal.”I was going through my email one day and came across an email from ATS and decided that I needed to get things taken care of before the IRS did it for me. I filled out their very simple free consultation and within hours was contacted by someone. I was a little reluctant to conduct business with a company that was out of state especially since I would be sharing personal information with them, but after checking online for any complaints about the company which I found none, I decided to have them try to get my finances current with the IRS. Your company has been very professional, affordable (very important) when you are a single parent and so far everything has been working out very well. Once you provide them with some information they pretty much take care of the rest. I would encourage anyone with outstanding IRS issues to get it taken care of immediately and if you need someone to help with that, I urge you to contact Accelerated Tax Solutions.
MaryNew Jersey
I am very thankful for A.T.S. For helping with my tax burden.It was a big relief for me.I will recommend A.T.S. to anyone A.T.S. Is more concerned for the person as to the money. Thanks A.T.S.
John D.Nobleville, IN
For the past decade I have lived with a dreaded fear of the situation I found myself in. Being a realist I knew it was of my own doing but was also clueless as what to do about this problem. After being contacted by the IRS I knew I had to do something or face ruin again. Saw a late nite add when not sleeping and decided to look into your firm. WOW was I surprised at how your staff reacted and stayed on top of things. Evelyn was a relief to work with and very professional .Sarah is on top of her game also and shortly earned my trust as well. Something not easily done after a decade of secrecy concerning my financial situation. All in all your people greatly improved my life and returned me to full nites of sleep . PRICELESS! I would recommend your firm , staff and services to anyone in my situation. Thank You
Jack P.
You guys are phenomenal and went above and beyond for me to make my deadline. We filed 07-011 today and I cannot express how great feel about my choice to go with ATS, Whoever is hiring you guys has a good eye for great people who are both nice and talented. I know I made the right choice and feel like I am working with a team of dedicated professionals that really love their work and their clients. Thanks for convincing me that I didn’t need to look any further for help. You were right!! As you know, I have had a lot of bad luck and I feel like it’s starting to turn around. Thanks again, and please let me know where I can send my accolades. Can you let me know who I can address a letter to about Kelley? She is phenomenal and went above and beyond for me to make my deadline.
Janine A. Visalia, CA
I was contacted in June of 2011 from the IRS, notifying me of an audit for the Prior 5 years,the amount claimed that i owed the IRS was around $2,000,000. As stressful as this was I tried to control the situation, however my taxes were a mess for 2 of the years, i did not have all my w9s ect… being a successful business man I could afford the best attorneys and accountants, but being a negotiator myself I also knew that some of the best talent out there are the ones that have the most practice, so for curiosity I looked on line and found Accelerated Tax Solutions, I spoke to Evelyn, she was courteous and knowledgeable. However I was very skeptical, particularly because of the insignificant amount they charged. After 3-4 discussions I realized these are experts, and made the commitment. Less than 6 months later Tim gave me and my staff a valuable class in the us tax process (worth in itself thousands) and brought my tax liability under $200,000. I have never been so happy with any company or any person that I have paid any money to, as I have with this company. Thank you, I am so grateful
Sean V. Henderson, NV
Thank you so much, I would and will recommend your company to anyone that needs the help you can provide. I appreciate the personal service and personal interest you took in my case. You made me feel like a person instead of a number. That isn’t always easy to find in this day and age. As you can see I am now moved to Texas with my fiancée’and am moving on with my life.

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