Did You Know?

The IRS is not required to inform you of your rights...

They are, however, required and instructed to collect your delinquent tax dollars in the fastest way possible, implementing the most aggressive collection tactics imaginable. These tactics include but are not limited to: bank levy, wage garnishment, property seizure and liens.

The good news is you do have options and Accelerated Tax Solutions knows your rights! Our team of attorneys has years of experience resolving serious tax issues just like yours. Whether you owe thousands or even millions of dollars in back taxes we have a solution for your problem.

When faced with a serious tax problem you have three choices...

  • Do nothing and let the IRS aggressively pursue you on their terms.
  • Do it yourself by taking the time to research and understand your rights as written in the more than 16,000 pages of tax code and hope for the best.
  • Choose a professional, reputable and experienced company with a team of attorneys that know your rights and are ready to fight for your protection.

If you are ready to make the choice to resolve your tax issues with a company that has your best interest in mind, Accelerated Tax Solutions is ready to help!  "If you wait, the IRS wins!"